By Clint V Franklin

SPACITE is played within your Web browser, and works on most up-to-date browser software. Does not work on Internet Explorer versions before IE9.

Thank you for visiting the Spacite game Web site. Spacite is a simple space shoot-'em-up that plays similarly to the classic "Asteroids" with more powerful weapons, more hazardous obstacles, and badass enemies.

To play Spacite, you do not need to download any extra plug-ins -- no need to update or install Flash Player. All you need is an up-to-date, modern Web browser (such as the latest Firefox, Opera, Chrome, or Safari), JavaScript capabilities, and an itch to blow up some hostile alien spacecraft.

If you want to familiarize yourself with playing Spacite, click the "Mission Brief" button. Otherwise, jump straight into the action by clicking the "Commence Operation" button.

Have fun!

Awaiting your orders, Commander.

Mission Brief Commence Operation

NOTE: Spacite is free software. In fact, you can download all of the files, modify them, and do what you want with them -- free of charge. See the Spacite License (based on the X11 license), and download Spacite as a Zip archive.