By Clint V Franklin


Commander, your location is being approached by several hostile crafts. Until we can scramble our units to your area, it is up to you to stay in one piece. Your ship - the Warlock II - is equipped for combat, but don't take any unnecessary risks. We will send assistance as soon as humanly possible.

In the meantime, you should familiarize yourself with Warlock II's weaponry, and we have sent you some data on the hostiles we've spotted approaching your location.

Use the arrow keys to navigate. The "Up" arrow key thrusts your ship forward. The "Left" and "Right" keys adjust your bearing.
The Space Bar can be used to fire energy beams at hostiles. These standard beams don't do much damage, but they can be fired in rapid succession with minimal impact on your energy store.
Use the "C" key to charge your plasma cannon. After a brief moment, the plasma cannon will charge to capacity and unload the stored energy straight in front of you, obliterating anything in its path.

Your Ship

Warlock II* * * The Warlock II is the ship you are currently piloting. It is a first-class fighter, equipped with an energy-beam gun as well as a heavy-duty plasma cannon. The Warlock II comes complete with a force shield that can absorb energy-based attacks - be warned, though: The shields are ineffective against missiles and other non-energy-based weapons.


Proximity Mine* * * The Caltrop5000 Proximity Mine is a nasty, take-no-prisoners explosive device that, when triggered by the approach of a ship, self-destructs after a few seconds. Stay away from these at all costs.

Missile* * * Missiles are a staple of ballistic space-warfare. While they don't pack the wallop of running head-first into a Caltrop5000, they are not something you want knocking on your airlock. Just stay out of the way, and you'll be golden.


Sparrow* * * The Sparrow fighter class of ships. These tend to be equipped with missiles, so keep your distance -- and whatever you do, don't try taking them on head-first.

Vulture* * * The Vulture ships are a bit more sophisticated than the Sparrow class. These will pelt you with energy beams, and sport heavily armored hulls.


Currently, this is all the information we have on the hostiles headed your way. You may come across others not mentioned here, so stay sharp.

Good luck, Commander!


Awaiting your orders, Commander.

Commence Operation