Eee Box

Eee Box Unboxed


The Eee Box is an amazing machine. Its diminutive size belies its capable engineering. Asus has done a marvelous job putting this system together.

After all is said and done, I'm very happy with this purchase. In fact, I plan to get my own Eee Box as soon as possible. Until then, I'm content with watching my parents happily enjoy their computer... on their 47" flatscreen.

Well friends, it's been a fun journey. I hope that you found this feature informative as well as entertaining. The Eee Box is a fun machine, and I'm sure that it will be a big success.

Before you go, you may want to check out the following appendix for a list of all the products mentioned in this report. See you around!

- Clint V Franklin (theraje)

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Table of Contents

Part 0 - Introduction
* 0-1: Foreword

Part I - Plans and Preparations
* I-1: The Plan
* I-2: The Preparations

Part II - Unpacking the Eee Box
* II-1: Examining the Package
* II-2: Opening the Package
* II-3: Component and Accessory Layout
* II-4: Getting Ready for Setup

Part III - Setting Up for First Use
* III-1: Positioning the Eee Box
* III-2: Hooking Everything Up
* III-3: First Boot-Up

Part IV - Initial Run and Setup
* IV-1: Getting Acquainted with Splashtop
* IV-2: Loading Windows XP
* IV-3: Installing Applications
* IV-4: Going Online
* IV-5: Running Software

Part V - The End Results
* V-1: Impressions
* V-2: The Hand-off

Part VI - Conclusion
* VI-1: Afterword (You are here)

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