Eee Box

Eee Box Unboxed

Going Online

To get my parents' Eee Box online, I will need to install the USB dial-up modem. Since the modem requires drivers loaded from a CD-ROM, I will put the disc into my laptop. Then, I will access the DVD drive of my laptop to pull the installation over to the Eee Box.

It is a simple task to add the Eee Box to my wireless network. After setting it to access my network workgroup and allowing File and Printer Sharing, I simply pointed the operating system to my laptop to access the DVD drive. Then I connected the modem, ran the driver disc, and was online within a few moments.

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Table of Contents

Part 0 - Introduction
* 0-1: Foreword

Part I - Plans and Preparations
* I-1: The Plan
* I-2: The Preparations

Part II - Unpacking the Eee Box
* II-1: Examining the Package
* II-2: Opening the Package
* II-3: Component and Accessory Layout
* II-4: Getting Ready for Setup

Part III - Setting Up for First Use
* III-1: Positioning the Eee Box
* III-2: Hooking Everything Up
* III-3: First Boot-Up

Part IV - Initial Run and Setup
* IV-1: Getting Acquainted with Splashtop
* IV-2: Loading Windows XP
* IV-3: Installing Applications
* IV-4: Going Online (You are here)
* IV-5: Running Software

Part V - The End Results
* V-1: Impressions
* V-2: The Hand-off

Part VI - Conclusion
* VI-1: Afterword

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