Eee Box

Eee Box Unboxed

Positioning the Eee Box

I've found a (temporary) home for the Eee Box - on my entertainment center, between a pair of PC speakers. The area is easy to get to, with little risk of the system being toppled over accidently (the vertical stand is pretty good at holding the Eee Box upright).

Oh give me a home...

The Eee Box stands at 9" from the table to the top of the system unit. If you include the antenna, the height is 9.5". The width of the system unit is 1.125", and the stand is about 4.125" wide. As for the depth of the system, that's around 10.25" including the antenna sticking out the back.

All right, I'm tired of all this boring stuff. Let's get this baby ready to roll!

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Table of Contents

Part 0 - Introduction
* 0-1: Foreword

Part I - Plans and Preparations
* I-1: The Plan
* I-2: The Preparations

Part II - Unpacking the Eee Box
* II-1: Examining the Package
* II-2: Opening the Package
* II-3: Component and Accessory Layout
* II-4: Getting Ready for Setup

Part III - Setting Up for First Use
* III-1: Positioning the Eee Box (You are here)
* III-2: Hooking Everything Up
* III-3: First Boot-Up

Part IV - Initial Run and Setup
* IV-1: Getting Acquainted with Splashtop
* IV-2: Loading Windows XP
* IV-3: Installing Applications
* IV-4: Going Online
* IV-5: Running Software

Part V - The End Results
* V-1: Impressions
* V-2: The Hand-off

Part VI - Conclusion
* VI-1: Afterword

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